Frequent Inquiries

What are the written languages used in these artworks?

The languages used within these images are an amalgamation of various alphabets and symbols I have found online which seem to correlate with the alphabets and various symbols I have brought back from many journeys out of the body into both higher and lower dimensional realms. This is a process I had begun at a very young age, long before the creation of the internet with pen and paper. The reason they resonate with so many people is that they hint to a prototype or archetypal xenolinguistic alphabet encoded within the fabric of our reality that is glimpsed in parts during dreams, trance states and deep meditation. I have included some images during my research here  

When will the Universal Codex Book be published?

I am currently working on transcribing and creating the content required to produce the book, I am currently half way there but have several more thematic messages that needs to be manifested in the realm before completing it. I plan to finish it and prepare for production sometime in 2018

Does the "Alien Language" in these works actually mean anything?

"Meaning" can be a tricky thing. These images contain both language and symbols that have been used in artistically aesthetic ways to reinforce the design aspect and also contain encoded information transcribed from remembered experiences during trance states. The "meaning" of these codes matter little as they come from a multidimensional source that have the ability to convey different meanings to different people at different times in our lives. 

The application of xenolinguistics in theses images are primarily to entice the participant to further research and question the existence and use of languages in our everyday reality. Language is a code, and just like any code it can also be hacked. Language is the prime component in the manifestation of reality. The roots of all the languages in every human culture lead us to a singular source which appears to have indeed been hacked quite a long time ago, and then again several other times with several languages throughout (veiled) Woman's Mystery and Man's History. I invite you to look deeper into the roots of language, you may be surprised with what you will find.

What is the meaning of the symbol (Universal Transmissions Logo) you use frequently in your artworks?

Again, many of these symbols have several different meanings, but the main one conveyed with the logo is that of a Trinary consciousness, that is the existence of the positive, negative and the neutral as opposed to the consciousness deeply steeped in duality (Positive and Negative). The 3 x 4 spheres symbolize the 12 archetypal houses and also the generative incubation process / the number 4. Trinary - Triplicity - Trinity can be found almost everywhere throughout our existence

Are you an Alien?

No, I am a human being experiencing the magnificent wonder of our multidimensional realities just like everyone else on this exquisite planet (planned net)

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